Tuesday, June 01, 2004

pictures 14

another beautiful rose saying : good morning

our love birds, this morning, Baghdad

newly painted pavementin Al-yarmook area, Baghdad, today

the view of the painted pavement sequare, Al-yarmook area, Baghdad

the brick wall have been removed yesterday, it was seperating the airport highway awayfrom the residential area, Baghdad

there were a high- long brick wall .it have been removed by ocupation force, yesterday, airport highway, Baghdad

this is Dijlah, Tigris, near the house of my friend May, she lived in Al-adhamiah, Baghdad

this is her nephew, his name is abdulla, his age is 10 months, Baghdad

this is the garden of their house, it`s realy beautiful, Baghdad

this is the cat of my friend :)

nuts shops, 14 ramadan street, Baghdad

nuts shop, Baghdad

nuts shop , Baghdad

faiza this morning in the work, Baghdad

Two American women and the others are Iraqi in the American institute for English lessons, yesterday, Baghdad

our teacher Jaime, to the left, we were drinking tea in the institute after the English lessons, yesterday,Baghdad

plant nursery filled with flowers, what a beautiful pleace to live in, Bghdad

watermelon of Iraq , it`s the best fruit in the hot summer , we call it Raggi , Baghdad

A small internate cafe in Baghdad, Today

laundry shop ,Baghdad

another new flower from our garden, saying good morning for all , Baghdad

commercial shops, Baghdad, today

al-chadrchi building, a traditional Baghdadi style, Baghdad

old carpets, hand made ,from Iran, Baghdad

old carpets and old musical tool, in the souvenirs shop , Baghdad

the old sign, of the Iraqi kingdom era, untill 1958, a hand made carpet, Baghdad

silver hand made pieces, Baghdad

silver different pieces in the souvenirs shop, Baghdad

frame for pictures, made from silver, Iraqi hand made, Baghdad

silver rings, Iraqi hand made, Baghdad

silver rings and broochs, Iraqi hand made, Baghdad

different paints on glass, Iraqi hand made, Baghdad

painting on glass, in the souvenir shop ,Baghdad

paintings about our traditional life, in the souvenir shop , Baghdad

verses from Qur`an, in the souvenir shop, Baghdad

this is our garden...good morning :)
, Thats terrible !


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